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This is an archive of the web content of the Party as at mid-2005, maintained by Sanjeev Sabhlok, co-founder.

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LPI is the place for genuine Hindus, Muslims and all other Indians

Fascist BJP, RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal are NOT true Hindus but power hungry Ravanas - stoking communalism in India for personal gain

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There are alleged “intellectuals” who point fingers squarely at the British in starting the bouts of communalism in India. That would be an insult to Indians, for would it not imply that Indians were like monkeys dancing to the tune of the British? Are we that stupid that some foreigner can show us a way to kill each other, and we shall do it!!


Communalism in India has been started by communal fanatics on both sides, false religionists who believe in false history but more than that, who believe in false religion. Neither Islam not Hinduism speaks of or preaches communalism. It is to the goodness of man that these religions are dedicated. It does appear though, that most of us, like stupid monkeys, now happily dance to the murderous tunes of these false religionists and their false propaganda. Maybe we are monkeys after all, and not yet human beings.


Vivekananda said, "Up, India, and conquer the world with your spirituality... the only condition of awakened and vigorous national life is the conquest of the world by Indian thought".  (Cited in Hansen, T.B., 1999. The Saffron Wave: Hindu Nationalism and democracy in Modern India, Princeton: University Press).

Did Vivekananda ask that Muslim sons of India be butchered and ‘woken to their Hindu-ness’ and innocent women – daughters of this India, Bharatvarsha, who did not break any temple or harm anyone, shamefully violated and killed? Was this his way of conquering the world? Did Vivekananda go about with instruments of violence in his hand?  Is he respected throughout the world because he killed Muslims and preached bigotry or because he preached goodness? Are the voices of hatred, militant activity of a mediaeval type, and shameful behaviour coming from the BJP, RSS and VHP, that representation of Hindu thought and spirituality which Vivekananda was talking about?  Is there any Vedic document sanctifying such behaviour?

Alleged “Hindus” like Advani, on par with false Muslims like Osama Bin Laden, have undone the meticulous work of Vivekananda and Radhakrishnan. They continuously violate the principles of Hinduism.

Today Hinduism has no face of goodness and wisdom like Vivekananda to show the world. Instead we have BJP and RSS whose goal is to spread poison and destruction.  This ugly version of Hinduism, well opposed to the Vedic roots of Hinduism, and strongly opposed by Vivekananda and Shivaji, can only push the many would-be Hindus and many Hindus itself, away from Hinduism. Thus, BJP is completely and dangerously misrepresenting Hinduism and Indian religious liberalism.

Let us oust these atrocious political parties (BJP and Shiv Sena) and set up a liberal Hindu movement to nullify RSS and VHP! (and similar liberal Islamic movement to nullify Islamic fanaticism, for example).

Indian religious liberalism and India’s Liberal Party:

Hindu liberals know what Hinduism is. What the BJP preaches, is not Hinduism. Hindu liberals oppose these fascist imposters – BJP, RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal! The Liberal Party is the place for true Hindus, true Muslims and all true religious believers and non-believers.

Gandhi and Vivekananda were like Rama. Advani is like Ravana.

After having caused shameful riots in 1990 and 1992, Advani’s first line in the foreword of the BJP’s White Paper On Ayodhya  & The Rama Temple Movement in 1993, says, “Sri Rama is the unique symbol, the unequalled symbol of our oneness, of our integration, as well as of our aspiration to live the higher values.”

LPI’s rebuttal to Advani

Sorry, Mr. Advani and your BJP fellow-fanatics who let you preach such statements in an official political party document, but:

a) Sri Rama is a (not “the”) symbol of goodness for some Hindus, definitely not for all Hindus and not for all Indians.

b) Sri Rama was supremely good and looked after all his citizens, but you are supremely evil and have caused riots and shameful behaviour. You are a Ravana and have no right to use and sully Rama’s name. And do not dare to take the names of Vivekanada and Gandhi.

c) Many Indians believe in a deeper and complex Hinduism which is foreign to your limited IQ and ability to understand things. Hinduism happens to be much wider, richer, and complex than you can ever visualise. Still other Indians believe in completely other, equally valid  ways to their personal spiritual redemption. And finally, many Indians do not believe in any spiritual realm.

So quit your false rhetoric!! Indian integration is being threatened, not strengthened, by your false statements!  This India is a historically complex entity, and it is our nation, equally as it is yours (though you should be behind bars, not our Home Minister). Let us live in peace and keep Sri Rama enshrined in the hearts of those Hindus who so wish, but definitely not in Indian politics.

You and your predecessors CAUSED the partition of India by scaring Muslims. Many of your type resisted freedom. Your likes killed Gandhi. Now, please stop this mad propaganda designed to destroy India.

Bigoted Hindus (not Hindus in any sense of the word) - promoted by BJP, are now trying to terrorise Muslims by breaking down their mosques. Bigoted Muslims, equally, are playing into the hands of fanatic elements on all sides by misrepresenting the good of their religion and participating in the endless and futile cycle of hatred and violence.  If all sides do not stop their completely misguided and inhumane propaganda, there will be no end to the bloodshed that makes India the most mediaeval and primitive nation in the world todayWhat is the use of education (whether secular or religious) if it does not promote good sense, good character, humility, and tolerance?


One of India's greatest nationalist leaders appealed to a fanatic and misguided Muslim (Aurangzeb) to not terrorise Hindus (Shivaji). If Hindus did not like Aurangzeb terrorising Hindus, why do some of the alleged Hindus do this to the Muslims? Is there no real 'man' like Shivaji among these people now, only cowards scared of their own shadow? LPI insists that nobody terrorise Muslims (or anyone else), or if they wish to, then they should stop calling themselves Hindus, or Muslims, or Indians.


BJP’s ideology of hatred is not needed in India

Hatred has only one law -- it reduces people's ability to think rationally.  The hatred sown by Aurangzeb greatly promoted the development of the Sikhs, and till today he is remembered as an aberration in the tolerant land of India.  We need to sing the praise of Akbar and talk about the good things that Hindus have done working together with the Muslims over the years, including in 1857. Some of the best Muslim brains of India worked closely with the National Congress. There so much good around us that it is the height of vulgarity to deliberately seek evil.

The good in Hinduism

The good in Islam

Complex and accommodative theology that permits one of the widest range of spiritual relationships.


Tradition of tolerance of other faiths.

Brought a range of diverse cultural forms to India, including art, crafts, architecture, and poetry.


Brought elegance of language, eg. Urdu and a sophisticated culture that is now a significant part of Indian culture after 1000 years of development.

The history of Indian religious liberalism

Indian liberalism - including the liberalism of Hindus and Muslims, has very deep roots. Shivaji was one such great Hindu Liberal, Akbar being a Muslim counterpart.  Shivaji’s alleged (and false) followers - the Hindu Mahasabha group and its offshoots of misinformed fanatics, are precisely the kind of people whom Shivaji detested.  


Click on the sayings of the Real Hindus below, and also read what the tolerant and genuine Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and others have said. Forget the bigots – they are not true believers and do their own God significant disservice.


Babri Masjid 

Would Mr. Advani explain why he led the movement for the destruction of Babri Masjid?

The BJP believes that (a) Muslims are not welcome in India since this is a Hindu nation (2 nation theory) and (b) Historical wrongs have to be "righted".  BJP says at "Historic wrongs had to be righted, however, symbolically, for a lasting solution of the Hindu-Muslim problem" (re: the Babri issue etc.).


There is not the slightest religious basis for BJP to go about "righting" the 'wrongs' of history. In any case, do two wrongs make a right? And if one has to ‘right the wrongs’, why only go back 400 years, why not 4,000 years, why not 40,000 years? Why don’t we all go back to Africa? Why don’t we attack Britain and kill all the British? Why don’t we, each of us, take out a sword and kill everyone whose ancestors have in any way caused injury, real or perceived, to our ancestors? There is a thing known as “law of limitations” - but even beyond that, there's a thing known as common sense, and even beyond that, is a thing known as humanity. Has BJP lost sense of its humanity and common sense?  That they are not Hindus is quite clear, but are they not even human beings?  Do they not understand the elements of shared living on a common planet?


India is NOT A HINDU NATION. Hindus do live here, of course, but so do others, including tribals with their own Gods, non-believers, Christians, AND Muslims.

India is one nation and Indians who have lived here for hundreds and thousands of years are Indians first and last. This includes Muslims, Christians, and all other believers and non-believers, beef eaters and pork eaters. India is the land of choice and freedom. Atlee said (Word doc) on 10 July, 1947, "We and the Indian statesmen have had to accept the only alternative - partition. For myself, I earnestly hope that this severance may not endure, and that the two new Dominions which we now propose to set up may, in course of time, come together again to form one great member State of the British Commonwealth of Nations. But this is entirely a matter for the Indians themselves." Even in partition, Indians remained “Indians” - how else can you characterise the people who lived in what was widely known as India for thousands of years? All of us are Indians, whether we live in India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. But if that word does not appeal to some, then let us call ourselves something else. But let us not make artificial distinctions on the basis of religion.


Let misguided fanaticism die.  Let us live together as one nation, at least in the current India. the benefits to our people of living in harmony are so huge that these need not even be mentioned.


People become citizens of a country in just two years of migration there (eg. Australia). No one has a right to call the Muslims foreigners when they are full citizens under the Indian law.


Reading material

Why the Partition was a ‘crime against civilization’ (Word document)  from “SUBJECT INDIA” by Henry Noel Brailsford


Role of Minto in promoting communalism (Word doc. 27 KB), from p.50-51, India from Curzon to Nehru and After by Durga Das. Collins London. 1969


Promise of India


The Hindutva Agenda in the Context of the Gujarat Tragedies


Ensuring Secular Harmony in India - Searching for Some Answers


Tentative Bibliography (Melb uni books etc)

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