Even the devotees of other gods who worship them full of faith, even they worship Me, though irregularly (Gita. IX-23)


In whatsoever way men approach Me, even so do I bless them, for the paths men take from every side reach Me (Gita. IV-11)


(These translations from the Gita are from “Bhagvad-Gita: abridged and explained by Mr C. Rajagopalachari”, 3rd Edn. 1938. The Hindustan Times Ltd. New Delhi)



From Bhagvad Gita (20O B.C.-A.D. 200) translated by SIR EDWIN ARNOLD


(cited at p.310, “A Book of India” edited by B. N. Pandey, Rupa & Co. 1977)




Who hateth nought

Of all which lives, living himself benign,

Compassionate, from arrogance exempt,

Exempt from love of self, unchangeable

By good or ill; patient, contented, firm

In faith, mastering himself, true to his word,

Seeking Me, heart and soul; vowed unto Me,

That man I Iove! Who troubleth not his kind,

And is not troubled by them; clear of wrath,

Living too high for gladness, grief, or fear,

That man I love! Who, dwelling quiet-eyed,

Stainless, serene, well-balanced, unperplexed,

Working with Me, yet from all works detached,

That man I love! Who, fixed in faith on Me,

Dotes upon none, scorns none; rejoices not,

And grieves not, letting good or evil hop

Light when it will, and when it will depart,

That man I love! Who, unto friend and foe

Keeping an equal heart, with equal mind

Bears shame and glory; with an equal peace

Takes heat and cold, pleasure and pain; abides

Quit of desires, hears praise or calumny

In passionless restraint, unmoved by each;

Linked by no ties to earth, steadfast in Me,

That man I love! But most of all I love

Those happy ones to whom 'tis life to live

In single fervid faith and love unseeing,

Drinking the blessed Amrit of my Being!


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