Principles of Hinduism violated by BJP, RSS, VHP, etc.



How violated

Mind that is gentle, free from hatred, is non-violent and under self-control:


 … free from hatred (Gita.IV-22)


Tranquillity of mind, gentleness, reticence, self-control, purity of thought, these constitute austerity of mind (Gita. XVII-16)


Worship .., clean life, rectitude, continence and nonviolence are said to constitute austerity of the body (Gita. XVII-14)

Evil men, evil behaviour, anger, delusion


Men born with evil tendency know neither what is right to do to achieve an end, not what is right to abstain from doing to avert evil; neither purity not truth, nor even right behaviour is found in them  (Gita. XVI-7)


Anger produces delusion.  Delusion confuses the memory and understanding of things; from confused understanding follows the disintegration of the power of discrimination; with discrimination gone, the man perishes (Gita. II-63)

Whatever way of life a high placed man adopts, other men copy; the standard he sets up is followed by the people (Gita. III-21)

Our Home Minister’s standard is well below the lowest standard expected of a Hindu. Bal Thackeray is below the lowest of the lowest.


Common people copy these evil men and kill innocents.

The path of the Muslims is one of many

Even the devotees of other gods who worship them full of faith, even they worship Me, though irregularly (Gita. IX-23)


In whatsoever way men approach Me, even so do I bless them, for the paths men take from every side reach Me (Gita. IV-11)


All Muslims of today are innocent of crimes done by their ancestors, but deemed guilty by BJP

Even if a particular Muslim has done a particular harm, that particular Muslim, AND ONLY THAT ONE, has to be brought to book under the law of the land. None other is responsible for any crimes done under the law.


All other Muslims are innocent of any crime carried out by any other Muslim, as also all Hindus not involved in any particular crime are innocent of that crime.


BJP hitting at the roots of Ram Rajya

The BJP and its fanatics lump the innocent and guilty together, causing significant damage to the concept of Rama Rajya in which justice is predominant and over-rides all other concerns.

Rules of engagement

There are rules of war.  If the Hindus and Muslims need to go battle, there must be sufficient injustice to prompt a battle, due notice of war must be given, and the battle must be waged by trained soldiers. Mobs who rampage and pillage are against Hindu doctrine. Was Rama or Krishna a mobster like Adavani and Bal Thackeray?


BJP and Shiv Sena are in an undeclared battle against Muslims. They do not follow any civilised rules of engagement but use mobs. They attack women and shoot children without warning (eg. Bombay, 1992-93).


BJP and its gang of mobsters are not simply evil, and NOT Hindus, but are shameless cowards fighting against the weak.


(These translations from the Gita are from “Bhagvad-Gita: abridged and explained by Mr C. Rajagopalachari”, 3rd Edn. 1938. The Hindustan Times Ltd. New Delhi)

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