Shivaji battled against a fanatic Muslim - Aurangzeb, NOT against all Muslims and definitely not against him because he was a foreigner.


Shivaji was an extremely tolerant man and had Muslim officers around him ("One of his private secretaries and two of his admirals were Muslims", see - S.R.Sharma’s “Soul of Indian History”). Shivaji said to Aurangzeb:  "Verily, Islam and Hinduism appear as contrasted terms; but they are diverse pigments used by the Divine Painter to fill in his picture of the whole human race. If it be a mosque, the call is chanted in remembrance of Him; if it be a temple, the bell is rung remembering Him alone. To show bigotry towards any man's creed and practices is tantamount to altering the words of the Holy Book. To draw new lines on a picture is to find fault with the painter: . . . . . If you imagine that piety consists in oppressing the people and terrorising the Hindus..."


Shiv Sena follows Shivaji. Then why do they terrorise Muslims and create a reign of terror in Bombay?


The great Hindu Liberal, Shivaji,  fought with and criticised Muslim fanatics hundreds of years ago. No GENUINE Hindu can be a fanatic now. Else why wouldn't Aurangzeb (and later, Jinnah and others) be fully vindicated?  The hatred sown by Aurangzeb greatly promoted the development of the Sikhs, and till today he is remembered as an aberration in the tolerant land of India


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